Friday, February 29, 2008

Third Annual Beach'n 101 Cruise

September 7, 2008 the Third Annual Beach'n 101 Cruise will roll out along the Historic Highway 101 between Oceanside and La Jolla. If the previous two cruises are any indication there should be over a thousand cars and trucks enjoying the San Diego coastline.
Spectators can enjoy the cruisers closeup along the route and see them parked while they are shopping or eating in the six totally unique beach towns. They can also see them for the award presentation at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in the afternoon. For more details check out the Highway 101 Associations website: Also check out photos of the participants from 2007 at the site.

Valentine Day at the 101 Cafe

I like to talk with customers at the Cafe. I saw a couple of twenty something women talking at the counter and thought I would chat with them. I noticed that one was wearing large heart shaped earrings and said "those were very appropriate for Valentine's day." She looked down at her breast(she happened to be wearing a Hooters t-shirt). It was clear she thought I was talking about her breast so I quickly said "no I didn't give a Hoot" and walked away.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oceanside Pier and Beach

Oceanside has always had a pier since it was incorporated in 1888. It has provided a fishing venue as well as a pleasant walk over water. Our piers have made a trip to Oceanside's beach very memorable for kids of all ages. They say there are over a million visitors to the pier each year. There is a Ruby's Diner that provides good eats and excellent Ocean views.

Our beaches are known to be wide and sandy with mild wave action. Surfers spread out along our over three miles of coast line. The pier is a great place to watch the surfers. You might dream of them flying through the pier pilings, but remember it is illegal. Our beaches each carry a local name and make up different crowds that use them. From Harbor beach on the North to St. Malo to the South you will find beach goers looking for a little different experience.

Remember there are no bad days at the beach.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sunny on the 101

More often than not it is sunny along the 101. You can enjoy a day like this in sandals, shorts and a t-shirt. These are the days to spend time cruising looking for that perfect beach and enjoy it since in the summer we will have lots of company. The Cafe begins it long build up to summer also with more guest showing up earlier. Can you imagine that folks think it cold when it gets down to 45 degrees in the mornings. Oh well they don't know weather like most of the world.
I have begun preparations fore the 3rd Annual Beach'n 101 Cruise along the 101 between Oceanside and La Jolla, September 7, 2008. We expect about a thousand cars on the asphalt this year. Every make, mode and year you can imagine and lots of trucks. Of course there are plenty of woodies who are getting ready for the BIG WaveCrest Show in Encinitas. A day of seeing and being seen.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Let the 101 Begin

My 101 world stretches from Mexico to Canada along the West Coast. Living on and enjoying the beaches has been my whole life. It is hard to imagine life without surf or asphalt. I live in the retro beach town Oceanside in California.
It has poured an unfamiliar rain for hours today and looks like there will be no break. Storm or not I can view the Pacific from my business the 101 Cafe. The view down the street from the Cafe includes four sets of train tracks. The train first came from inland to Oceanside in the 1800's and has 60 rail trips a day to our community. Soon there will be 60 more trips coming from a new passenger line beginning in Escondido. Ironic Oceanside began as a train town and now might have more rail trips than any other location in the state.
I hope to add 101 news and info. I will also try to add photos of the US Highway 101, 101 Cafe and my community Oceanside as often as I can. I will respond to questions also.
101 Guy