Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring is the thing this morning

Spring days in Oceanside bring clear Blue sky's more often than not. As I walked this morning I could not help seeing the change from dark nest to the Spring Blue that I have come to know in Oceanside. It comes with a price, it is pretty cool. Sunrise at the beach is worth dressing warm for and getting up early. At 4:00 AM walking along the Strand next to the sand there are no other joggers or walkers. Not until a little before 5:00 AM do those seeking to exercise or comuning with nature arrive, but from then on you will see lots of folks enjoying the beach including surfers . It is quite a show if you consider all the surf spots in Oceanside 3 1/2 miles of beach, a spot for everyone. Now that Spring Break has begun you will see crowds all during the daylight hours.
Of course our sunsets now coming later with daylight savings time in place are just as spectactular as ever. I know that this is just one more small piece that make me the Californian I am.