Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I still remember buying my first computers for my office Oh so many years ago. You would have to check with my friend Rainer Mueller who sold me the computers and set them up for me and my secretary Kristi Hawrthorne. I am not sure if I really understood where the digital era would take me. All I know is we did not even have email back then. Certainly could not surf the web. I did learn to do a little typing with the Word Perfect program and since our computers were connected I learned how to harass Kristi some. I cannot believe we now have Social Networks. Remember when networks were just ABC, NBC and CBS. Today even their days are numbered. I have been trying to get up to speed with things like My space, Face book, Twitter and Blogging for awhile now. There are even more sites, but I am trying to get these down before I venture on. I wanted to mention the My space according to many experts is now a waste of time unless you are looking to hire a band, are in a band or maybe following a band.

I hope I live long enough where we will be using our voices to communicate with whatever replaces the computer. It is going to be an extremely exciting world we will live in the future. If I fall behind please kick me in the butt and remind me while I love heritage of the past, but you relish the future for its excitement.

So if you want to stay up please follow me on the Social Networks and if you are leading me send me some tips.