Saturday, June 4, 2011

Klaus comes to Oceanside

Last year when I got a request for information about the Top Gun House I didn't give it much thought. I had to ask why they wanted the dimensions of the house so I did.
In response I was told that he was going to build a model of the house since it was going to be the 25Th Anniversary of the Top Gun Movie in 2011. At first I didn't think of the possibilities, but soon thought about the good PR our community could enjoy if we did a good job with it. Soon community leaders met to decide what to do. The rest as they would say is history. I sent the dimensions to Klaus Sonnenschein and began to plan what would become the 25Th Anniversary of the Top Gun Movie in Oceanside. We agreed that showing the movie in the Pier Amphitheater was a must and a Beach Volleyball Exhibition would round out two days of Top Gun. Once we decided on the Memorial Day weekend to produce the event then Klaus planned to be here in Oceanside to check it all out. What a pleasure to meet my new German friend. He was so much fun to learn everything about the Top Gun film. He claimed to have seen it 35 times before he came to Oceanside. As you might see we had over for a Beer-Butt Chicken BBQ. His command of English made it really easy to share our community and friends. My thanks to Klaus for his getting the Top Gun adventure going, I hold him responsible...