Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Oceanside's Wide Sandy Beaches

Most visitors to Oceanside do not know how our beaches stay so wide, but if you lived in town for almost any time you would have seen that there is dredging of our Harbor mouth more years than not. Built in the early 1960's it was predictable that sand would fill the mouth our our Harbor and the Camp Pendleton's boat basin next door.
We are fortunate this year to have a very capable company, Manson Construction completing our project in just a few weeks. The last company failed to get the job completed and by the time another contractor was hired the dredging was completed in the summer.
It would be easy to guess that over five million cubic yards of sand has been deposited on our beaches since 1963.
While other communities grapple with sand erosion on their community's beaches we have had an endless supply. It makes our Harbor safer and our beaches wider, a win-win for us all.