Saturday, November 22, 2008

Any Reason is a good reason to come into the 101 Cafe

Since the 101 Cafe opened in 1928 people have stopped in for more reasons than we can count. About the time you think you seen it all some Else comes in for a new reason or using a new mode of transportation. I thought I'd share some images of folks and their rides at the Cafe.

Thanksgiving Day Meal is HOW much?

It may occur to you that we have reached a place in time that people are giving more thought to their daily budget than ever before.

That may not be true or at least some restaurants here in San Diego North are hoping its not.Much to surprise I spotted an ad in that touted a Thanksgiving day offerings for only $ 47.50 adults and $ 22.95 for children under 12 at a public golf course in Carlsbad. OK, if it was the Lodge at Torrey Pines I would not of have blinked, but, come on now. I did some checking to see if it was a little let's say aggressive so below are some offerings on Thanksgiving Day:

Adults and Kids prices;

Aviara $ 85 $ 42.50

La Costa $ 58 $ 27

The Crossing $ 47.50 $ 22.95

El Camino Counrty Club $ 31.99 $ 11.99

Mimi's $ 14.99 $ 6.99

It is commonly known the first three have Chef's of known reputation.

For three years now served a full Holiday Turkey dinner including everything for just $ 9.99 from now until January1.

We have been in the business of providing meals for over twenty years and now does not compare to anytime before when it comes to our business. So I may have just given you your choices for where to eat this Turkey day, but I hope it at least gives you cause for thought.