Friday, June 13, 2008

Woodies find their way to the 101 Cafe

Woodies at the Cafe are not an unusual sight, but it is always exciting for our guest to see them. These reject station wagons of days gone by have found a place in the visual landscape of the California Surf Culture and have made their owner's the elite of the road. The surf connection was strongest in the fifties and sixties when surfers used these inexpensive used wagons to haul their long boards. Bruce Brown's epic Surf Movies including 'The Endless Summer' emblazoned the wood sided cars as a surf vehicles in our minds. Now wherever they cruise they are noticed in a big way. The 101 Cafe has been a part of the Woodie's heritage since 1928 when the Model A was massed produced. From the beginning, these were specialty vehicles used for many reasons including hauling guest from trains and to resorts. Maybe you will see or bring a Woodie to the Cafe and make us happy.

We are blessed to have the Greatest Woodie Show in the country just off the Historic Highway 101 in Encinitas, Wavecrest . Make a point to check out the coolest cars on the Coast September 20th. If you check them all out you may get 'Wood Burn'.