Monday, March 10, 2008

Old Town San Diego on Historic Highway 101

It may be hard to believe, but Old Town San Diego had a highway through it. The US Highway 101 went right up San Diego Avenue from the beginning until it was replaced by the new location at Pacific Highway.
In this photo you will see the street improvements that we next to the Estudio House in this picture. It was promoted as Ramona's House after the publication of Helen Hunt Jackson's Book Ramona . Of course there were dozens of properties given the title.
It was not until the State purchased the Old Town property that the street was officially closed to traffic.

Sprinter Rail Service Begins

What a great ride! The Sprinter ride was quiet and smooth. It takes less than an hour to get from Downtown Oceanside to Downtown Escondido. A group of us decided to try the first day service and boarded the 11:03 AM train. The train pulled into the station practically full. We all got seats, but we rode the trip backwards. We headed for lunch at the La Tapatia Mexican Restaurant which was built in 1937. Margaritas, Coronas and good food were on tap for our leisurely lunch. The La Tapatia is only three blocks from the Station in Escondido. I can see by this first trip the Sprinter will be a nice vehicle for adventures to our neighboring communities. We met a crowded train station upon our return after lunch. We did have top wait for two trains to board for our trip back to the coast. I would not expect the ride in the future to be crowded because each train will hold 176 people sitting and standing. I can see smooth sailing for the Sprinter service in the future and look forward to more adventures.