Friday, February 22, 2008

Let the 101 Begin

My 101 world stretches from Mexico to Canada along the West Coast. Living on and enjoying the beaches has been my whole life. It is hard to imagine life without surf or asphalt. I live in the retro beach town Oceanside in California.
It has poured an unfamiliar rain for hours today and looks like there will be no break. Storm or not I can view the Pacific from my business the 101 Cafe. The view down the street from the Cafe includes four sets of train tracks. The train first came from inland to Oceanside in the 1800's and has 60 rail trips a day to our community. Soon there will be 60 more trips coming from a new passenger line beginning in Escondido. Ironic Oceanside began as a train town and now might have more rail trips than any other location in the state.
I hope to add 101 news and info. I will also try to add photos of the US Highway 101, 101 Cafe and my community Oceanside as often as I can. I will respond to questions also.
101 Guy