Friday, May 30, 2008

Race Across America

"The gateway to San Diego, Oceanside is the classic California beach community with its warm sandy beaches, scenic wooden pier and Cape Cod-style harbor village complete with unlimited water sports and recreation. Its central location provides the perfect launching point for your Southern California getaway."
This quote is from the Race Across America website. This race has been starting for years on the beach below the Pier in Oceanside and continues to be one the best long distant race in North America. Come down to the beach and check out the athletes and their bikes. Also cheer them on to this great race. The Solos start 12:00pm (PDT) Sunday June 8th, 2008. The Teams start 2:00pm (PDT) Wednesday June 11th, 2008.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Operation Appreciation 2008

Operation Appreciation is one of the Events that the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce began many years ago to let the Military Personnel and their families how much we appreciate their service to our Country. Over ten thousand attended last years event. The posted photos are before they are expected to come to the beach. great free food, entertainment and carnival rides will make this a remarkable day for all who attend. God Bless our Military.

State Championship Interscholastic Surfing Federation Oceanside

May 17 18 is the home to the State Championships for the Interscholastic Surfing Federation at South Harbor Jetty in Oceanside CA. What a great day for these kids to determine the Statewide Championship Series. The CSF California Surf Series-#8 Championships is schedule May 31st at the Oceanside Pier begins at 6:30 AM. Surfs Up!!!!!

Paddle Surfing Makes it Debut in Oceanside

Before 9:00 AM this morning over twenty adventurers left Wisconsin Beach in Oceanside to start what will undoubtedly be the beginning of a huge sport along our local shores. These fearless watermen will swim and paddle their way to Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, approximately 12 miles before they finish. Covered by the local press North County Times and the San Diego Union-Tribune as well as Fox Channel 6. About fifty supporters and passer-bys enjoyed the start while soaking up the beautiful sunshine predicted to reach 90 degrees today. If this is global warming then I love it.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Rachael Ray is my Favorite

Rachael Ray is my favorite Food Network star. She is upbeat and cute and has become a big star.
I received a call from a fact-checker ( a person who verifies the facts of a story usually for magazines for correctness ) who was calling from New York City to verify information about an upcoming story about the 101 Cafe in the magazine "Everyday with Rachael Ray". I was stoked to say the least. She said it would be in the August issue, how cool. A nice thing to help celebrate the eightieth year of the Cafe.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ruben Galvan Fox Channel 6 at the 101 Cafe

Tuesday morning bright and early Ruben Galvan Fox Cannel 6 showed up with his film crew to film some local kids and show San Diego the 101 Cafe once again. Ruben can brighten even a dreary day, but today with all the sunshine and kids he was in his element. Hamming it up with morning waitress Julie G he showed the audience what was hot on the menu and how cool the oldest Cafe on the Historic Highway 101 really was. Over the twenty years we have run the Cafe we have had the good fortune to be shown on TV more times than we can remember.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Merrill's Classic 1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser

What fun to come across a 1957 Turnpike Cruiser in the parking lot of the 101 Cafe. At first Glance I thought it was an Edsel. I soon learned from its owner Merrill that this was a car made primarily for the East Coast market. There are only 39 known to still exist. This one is really cherry. When he decided to buy his first one here on the West Coast he had to special order it. He tells me his wife sold to get a station wagon for the family so this is not his original one. He bought this one and had all the restoration work done in Oceanside. Happy to say he is already signed up to do the Third Annual Beach'n 101 Cruise.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cars at the 101 Cafe

Chris stands next to his ride after eating at the 101 Cafe. No day goes by without seeing hot rods, rat rods, classics or custom cars at the Cafe. The cars remind us of the Cafe's 80 year history and the eras it has lived through. Keep on Cruising.

Southern California Beach Soccer Championship

What a great day for the kids at Harbor beach in Oceanside California. I cruised down to the beach from the Cafe on my classic Schwinn beach cruiser that I trader for cheeseburgers years ago. I took my trusty Fuji camera to document the day. Perfect weather for this tournament makes it even more competitive and brings the crowd to enjoy the perfect Chamber of Commerce type of day in Southern California. There were thousands of spectators, yes mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends with plenty of sports fans just to watch. What a day.

Huell Who

I came into the 101 Cafe yesterday to enjoy lunch with Leslee Gaul, who heads the California Welcome Center in Oceanside. Leslee has done a remarkable job creating new opportunities for bringing in more guest into our community. I am lucky enough to call her a longtime friend. I came into the Cafe just before we were to meet and noticed and employee giggling about something so I walked over to check it out. Well there was Mr. California Gold himself, Heull Howser in all of his glory. Huell had done a show on the Cafe years before and had been a repeat customer many times without his cameraman. After I greeted the King of the California Roads I soon discovered that the giggling waitress had not believed it was Huell even after he suggested he leave message to me from Huell Howser. He was having good fun with her not believing it was him. It was good for a laugh as Leslee came into the Cafe as all this was happening and greeted Huell in front of the sceptical waitress.
I think the fact the Huell chooses the Cafe as a favorite eating place while in San Diego County speaks well since he has been to hundreds of eating establishments throughout California.