Thursday, June 19, 2008

What an Incredible Day

I could not get enough when I walked this morning. Even cruising on Oceanside Blvd. on the way to work the Moon showcased what an incredible day it would be. So clear even after yesterday where the overcast cooled the sun in the afternoon. I hopped on my beach cruiser and headed down Wisconsin Street from the 101. I get an ocean view as soon as I look West and cruise down to The Strand. The first picture is of my beach at the bottom of my hill. Since this was late most of our regular surfers had already gone to work so few got to enjoy this days waves. I found only a few enjoying Swings at the Pier, picture two. It is always cool to see the Moms and their three wheelers exercising along The Strand, but it warms my heart to see Dads, picture three. I guess I am jealous of them since the only three wheelers around when my kids were small were either motorcycles of old folks bikes. And of course there were many fishermen at the beach today. Today is going to be tough to stay at work.