Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Woodies on the 101

You soon discover the surf culture in San Diego County when you spot your first Woodie. You are more likely to see a completely restored car than the ones that cruised along the old 101 Highway with surfboards hanging out the back window in the sixties. There is something about their look that takes you back to your youth and makes you long for the beach.
Maybe it is the simpler times or that you could spend more time enjoying your friends that make you reminisce of days gone by.
If you cruise the 101 and see a special bus with an image of a classic Woodie you would be checking out the 101 bus that travels between Oceanside and La Jolla.
The North County Transit District partnered with the Highway 101 Association to put two of these unique rides on the 101. Woodies might not be unique to the coast, but they just fit the picture of the California Surf Culture to a T.