Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Lights at the 101 Cafe

It seems like there is never a time that some road work is being done around the Cafe. When it was first built the road (Highway 101) was already paved and the sidewalks were put in that
same year in 1928. Since we have had the Cafe for over twenty years of its 80 year history the projects are too numerous to count. Needless to say that the present project to put left turn signals on Coast Highway in order to turn onto Wisconsin Street is welcome. They are projecting completion in a few months so you can experience an important part of our history at the Cafe, change.
We will commit to provide you the best food and service in this new atmosphere which will provide some entertainment for the big and little kids in your family. If you happen to just want to check out the workers then come in between 7:00am and 3:30pm Monday through Friday and of course you want to avoid them come in any other time.

Two Headed Cow Questions

Ever wondered where the Two Headed Cow was displayed in Oceanside or what the name of an early hotel that used the Mission San Luis Rey as its promotion? How about how many piers there have been, well then you only need the assistance of the Oceanside Historical Society. For over twenty years the Society has dedicated itself to find these and many more local history answers. Volunteer driven they have helped publish two books on our history and given assistance to untold number of fact seekers. They have helped school kids with their assignments and college students track the history of local agriculture. They have helped families find out about their Oceanside heritage and have put on some wonderful history programs. The last program in February on Trains was a big hit and the next program yet scheduled about our Piers will be very popular.
Kristi Hawthorne leads the organization as their President and the most hard working advocate of saving our heritage. She also acts as our Archivist and has complied an endless amount of our history. She authored the very popular local history Oceanside "Where Life is Worth Living" in 2000. Our community owes a big thanks to her for her continuing contribution.