Friday, March 28, 2008

Looking good for the Ford Ironman Tomorrow along the beach in Oceanside

Every racers dream is cool weather on race day. Today, the day before the Ford Ironman in Oceanside it was 51 degrees at 5:30 AM and 56 degrees at 8:45 AM and that should mean good things for tomorrows race. I have some experience in marathons and know how much I dreaded hot race days. The course hugs the coast for the most part and should finish up under 67 degrees tomorrow.
It is awesome looking over the setup for an Ironman. The huge tents for changing after the swim along side the bike racks setup for thousands participants. This is quite a spectacle and if you can you should go and check it out. Look to the Ironman website for information about where to view the race best. If you want to experience a Carbo Load meal like the participants you can check out the Spaghetti at the 101 Cafe.