Monday, April 7, 2008

Unintended Consequences

Saturday was a day for something new at the 101 Cafe. After eighty years of doing business that is saying something.
This Saturday in rolled a fire truck filled with passegers at the Cafe who had begun their journey in Valley Center. Of course we have had many guest from Valley Center over the years, but none had made the trip beginning in a fire truck followed by a Sprinter ride to Downtown Oceanside and a finally another fire truck ride to the Cafe. Yes the Papa Bear Breakfast Club had made the historic trip to make their Sprinter ride even more unique.
Ron Powell made the arrangements to come to the Cafe with his breakfast club friends plus one, Christa their favorite waitress from Papa Bears, a Valley Center Cafe. Kevin Johnson drove the completely restored classic 1954 Ford Crown fire truck for the days outing. A good time was had by all.

Later this week an Escondido church group is meeting me at the Sprinter Station in Downtown Oceanside to continue their adventure. I will walk them around some of the historic sites including the Pier and then lead them to the Oldest Cafe on US Highway 101 on the West Coast, the 101 Cafe.

It looks as if the unintended consequences of the New Sprinter service is good for business.