Monday, March 31, 2008

Bicycling in Oceanside California

Ever since I got my first Bike I have ridden the streets of Oceanside. Now called a beach cruiser I rode my Schwinn fat tired bike in 1958 up and down The Strand and Hill Street (Coast Highway) to explore all a nine year old could. By the time I was twelve I was cruising a non-descript ten speed. I made my first cross-county trip OK to Escondido and back alone. I was wheeling wherever I could. I rode bikes until I could drive in 1965. It wasn't until about twenty years ago that the Bike bug hit me again. I rode borrowed beach cruisers until I started going inland and up lots of hills away from the flat coastal plain. I looked into and bought a Schwinn beach cruiser with a seven speed hub. It was a perfect match, I could cruise The Strand and climb inland no sweat.
Oceanside is like many other beach communities with lots of traffic when the sun is shining. it also has some pretty cool trails
The City also a has a Dasini Blue Bike Program that loans out bike at no cost to the rider. One of Oceanside's best trails is the San Luis Rey River path a Class one trail. Of course our beach area and primarily The Strand and Harbor are great areas for the occasional rider and kids to ride.
The 101 Cafe has the Coolest Bike Rack which is a ten foot long bicycle for two ( see above ) where you can leave your bikes and enjoy all the eighty year old joint has to offer. Its sits at Coast Highway and Wisconsin Street where you can cruise directly to the Beach .
Enjoy your ride.