Monday, April 28, 2008

How Hot is Hot?

I am not sure I can remember a day in April reaching 95 degrees. I was slow enough to be recruited to do the Second Annual San Luis Rey Marathon yesterday. Since my friends approached me a few weeks ago it seemed OK. Their caveat was I could pick the start time. As the time came closer I choose a 3am start thinking how hot could it be before ten in the morning. I found out quickly Sunday it could be really hot. Maybe mid eighties by 9am. We finished up at the Cafe, shortly after I drove home to discover that it was 95. Like most Coastal Californians we have no air conditioning so it was a tough afternoon.

Being hopeful that today might be better I have had my cool bubble burst. Even Yahoo calls for it being 90 and usually they are low. The best part is the beach is calling and I am going to cool off.

The photo shows three of the participants of the 2ND Annual San Luis Rey Marathon just before the start. I took the photo.