Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cruising the 101 Cafe

It is so cool to have friends that will bring their cars by the Cafe when we need them for TV, this time the Larry Himmel Show on channel 8, KFMB. These guys have the best cars in their class and are generous with their time. You can see their cars cruising by the 101 Cafe on the Historic Highway 101. Turned out to be a chamber of commerce day today. A good day to show off the 101 and the Cafe.

Monday, April 20, 2009

7th Annual Native Plant Home Tour

It could not haver been a more beautiful day to see all the wonderful native plant gardens in the Seaside Neighborhood. The tours started at 2:00 PM and were led by knowledgeable docents who answered questions about the plants seen. It was a treat to walk among the older custom homes to see the gardens , but also to look at the archicecture. Many of the homes were in the Plumosa Heights Subdivision which was developed from 1924 till about 1930. This exclusive subdivision required that the homes be valued at least $ 4,000. Some of what B.C. Beers(Developer) did was way ahead of the times and has left these lots with large setbacks, wide streets and the distictive street lights.
We a blessed to have an active neighborhood group to spearhead such a great project.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Beach season begins when certain things happen in Oceanside

It may be a little simplistic, but you can bet that Spring is in full bloom in Oceanside when dredging begins and the kids hit the beach. It might not be the Spring Break capital of California, but it usually a good place to bring the kids and enjoy our temperate climate and the locals like that just fine. In weeks the dredging will wind up and the beach will sport a new wide look and the weather will continue to warm for our out of town guest.