Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Downtown Oceanside, A busy place

Over 120 year ago Oceanside began as a train town when the railroad came from the East in Colton to San Diego via Oceanside. The early train builders knew the Coastal Plain was ideal to build the rail on because of the narrows where the rivers and streams hit the coast. Yes they were saved money.

So what has gone on Downtown, well I think a lot of credit should be given to the thousands of Downtown Merchants themselves. After the train era ended in the 1920's with the advent of the automobile businesses thrived and tried hard to keep up with their owners needs and growth was impressive.

Our community had growth spurts and downturns as would be expected in the new West. Stock market crashes, a depression and World Wars slowed and accelerated our growth, but after WWII our growth seem to never stop.

Lets skip forward to today. MainStreet Oceanside (MSO) began as the Downtown Business Association in the 1990's. It was formed to help promote the Downtown and solve some of its problems. Through partnership with the City, School District and businesses the Association became a shaper of a New Downtown. Many years later the Association took their organization to a new level and applied for and became a Main Street Association. Under this moniker it has grown to become the Downtown Business connection that facilitates its programs and help operate some typical City functions to continue the improvement of Downtown. Dedicated business people and volunteers work tirelessly to keep making our Downtown the jewel next to the shore. And yes you can still visit it by train, Amtrak , Metrolink , Coaster and Sprinter